Finance Law

finance-law-attorney-monterey-park-harper-legalComplex business deals require more than just simple accounting. These areas often touch on uncertain or complex areas of the law and need careful legal wrangling to go through. Greg Harper Legal Group can help your financial transactions go smoothly.

Financial Crimes

Allegations of financial crimes are often made when regulators don’t understand a transaction or when it falls under a gray area of the law. Common allegations include money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement. Our firm can help explain why a complex financial transaction was legal or work to show regulators that civil penalties are more appropriate where an error was made with no criminal intent.

Civil Forfeitures

Civil forfeiture laws are increasingly being used to seize funds from businesses who are participating in allegedly suspicious activities with the business being forced to prove that their activities were innocent to have their funds returned. These seizures typically follow large cash withdrawals or several large deposits within a short period of time with the most common allegation being that the transactions were structured to avoid IRS reporting. The seizure almost always happens without warning and leaves the business without the cash as it fights to have the forfeiture overturned.

Loan Modifications

A loan modification can help avoid foreclosure or to escape other financial hardship. While lenders will often say that an attorney isn’t necessary, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and to ensure that foreclosure proceedings are properly halted.

Loan Packages

A strong loan package can be the key to obtaining financing for a small business or one with non-traditional sources of income. By showing the lender strong documentation from the start, you show that your business is well-organized and capable of repaying its debts. Loan packages typically include detailed financial statements, tax returns, bank statements, and information on how the company operates.

Small Business Financing

Because of difficulties in proving their credit worthiness, banks are often reluctant to loan money to small businesses even when a detailed loan package is provided. Often, banks will require any loans made to be personally backed by the owner’s credit. This eliminates any personal liability shield provided by incorporating. Discuss the ramifications of any such deal with an attorney before entering into a financing agreement.

Real Estate Development

Commercial and large-scale residential real estate requires more than just obtaining financing and starting to build. Local zoning laws and ordinances must be followed, and large developments will often require approval before they can begin. The guidance of an attorney through this complex process can be highly beneficial.

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