Personal Injury

personal-injury-attorney-richmond-harper-legalAn accident can ruin the finances of even the most prepared people. In addition to the costs of immediate treatment, extensive rehabilitation or long-term care may be required. During recovery or in the case of a permanent disability, your source of income may disappear. If the accident that caused your injuries was someone else’s fault, you have the right to seek full compensation for your injuries.

Do You Have a Claim?

The test for a personal injury claim is simple. Did the other person act in a manner to reasonably avoid harm to others? Did their failure to act in such a manner lead to injuries? Were there financial losses as a result of that injury? If so, you likely do have a claim.

Insurance Limitations

Many accidents are covered in part by some form of insurance. Even if a specific policy, such as auto insurance or commercial liability insurance, doesn’t apply, an accident caused by an individual will often fall under their homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, the financial costs of a serious injury will almost always far exceed these insurance policies. In those cases, it can be extremely difficult to recuperate the additional costs without litigation.

Convincing a Judge or Jury

Personal injury lawsuits have a negative public perception thanks to sensationalized news reporting about unjustified lawsuits. This can lead judges and juries to give unfair skepticism to a valid claim. Additionally, high net worth individuals frequently face another hurdle in the form of people being unsympathetic to their monetary losses. Our firm will present your case in a way that shows the court why the law is on your side and why the decision should be in your favor no matter what feelings surround the case.

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