Sports Law

sports-law-attorney-monterey-park-harper-legalThe public face of sports is a game, but behind the scenes, sports centers on million-dollar business deals, complex contractual agreements, and government regulations. Our firm has over 30 years of experience helping world-class athletes and national athletic federations navigate this complex framework.


While agents handle most contract-related issues, athletes face a broader range of legal needs. World-class athletes may need visas to travel to another country to participate in a competition or join a new team. In the case of long-term injury, a failed substance abuse test, or alleged wrongdoing, a team may attempt to get out of a contract. Athletes may also want to make independent sponsorship or endorsement deals and need to ensure that those deals are permitted under their existing agreements.


Teams are no different than any other large employer. They need to stay in compliance with local labor laws and other day-to-day business compliance issues. When attempting to build a new stadium or practice facility, they need to meet zoning requirements or seek an exception, and this is often with resistance from at least some portions of the local community. A team may also wish to enter into licensing agreements or joint ventures with product manufacturers or local businesses.

Leagues and National Federations

Sports are unique in that most teams and athletes report to a single league, national governing body, or world governing body. These organizations often have their own complex regulations carefully constructed to avoid antitrust laws. While outside litigation is generally prohibited between members of these organizations, the guidance of an attorney can still be useful to protecting members’ rights.

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